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TTS - Latihan soal IPA kelas 4 SD - UKK

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Latihan soal IPA kelas 4 SD

Latihan soal IPA kelas 4 SD


This interactive crossword puzzle requires JavaScript and any recent web browser, including Windows Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Apple Safari. If you have disabled web page scripting, please re-enable it and refresh the page. If this web page is saved on your computer, you may need to click the yellow Information Bar at the top or bottom of the page to allow the puzzle to load.

UAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 6 SD - Bagian I

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Read this text carefully
On Sunday Ani doesn’t go to school. She goes to market with her mother. She wants to buy some vegetables such as cabbage, carrot and potatoes. Then she goes to the fishmonger to buy some goldfish and cuttle fish. In the market is very crowded.
Marked and choose the correct answer A, B, C or D the question number 1 to 5 based on the text above!
11.       The appropriate tittle for the text above is …
A.      Going to the market
B.      Going to the hospital
C.      Going to the zoo
D.      Going to the restaurant
22.       … and … go to market.
A.      Ani and her sister
B.      Ani and her brother
C.      Ani and her mother
D.      Ani and her father
33.       She buys some … and … at the fishmonger.
A.      Goldfish and crab
B.      Goldfish and cuttlefish
C.      Goldfish and potatoes
D.      Carrot and goldfish
44.       Ani goes to the market on …
A.      Sunday
B.      Noisy
C.      Saturday
D.      Crowded
55.       The situation in market is very …
A.      Silently
B.      Noisy
C.      Happily
D.      Crowded
66.       Ade : Where are you sleeping?
Andri : I sleep in the …
A.      Living room
B.      Bathroom
C.      Bedroom
D.      Kitchen
77.       I want to take a bath. I need a … to wash my body.
A.      Soap
B.      Toothpaste
C.      Detergent
D.      Shampoo
88.       She wants to make a line. She needs a …
A.      Eraser
B.      Ruler
C.      Blackboard
D.      Vase
99.       Student: I am … sir, I come late.
Teacher: That’s ok, please sit down
A.      Good
B.      Fine
C.      Sorry
D.      Thank you
110.   Nita:  …. You close the door?
Ari:  Oh sure, I’ll close it.
Nita:  thank you
Ari:  you’re welcome
A.      May
B.      Can
C.      Please
D.      Let’s
111.   Mr. Hasan is my aunt’s husband, he is my …
A.      Uncle
B.      Grandfather
C.      Mother
D.      Grandmother
112.   Mr. Tono : Excuse me, Sir, where do you live?
Mr. Yamin: I live … Bandung
A.      At
B.      On
C.      In
D.      With
113.   Walter: Hello, good afternoon, may I help you?
Customer: Good afternoon. Yes, I want to order some food.
Walter: What do you want to order, Sir?
Customer: I want a plate of fried rice and fried chicken.
Walter: Wait a minute, Sir.
Customer: Sure.
The conversation above take place in the …
A.      Hospital
B.      Restaurant
C.      Market
D.      Zoo
114.   Want-see-I-to-movie-film-the-a-in
The right arrangement is … to
A.      I want to see a film in the movie
B.      I want to see a movie in the film
C.      I see a film to want the movie
D.      I film to see in the movie want
115.   Don’t forget to stuck a … on the envelope
A.      Stamp
B.      Picture
C.      Register letter
D.      ticket

Block / Sorot ruang kosong di bawah ini untuk melihat kunci jawaban!
Kunci Jawaban:

1.       A

2.       C

3.       B

4.       A

5.       D

6.       C

7.       A

8.       B

9.       C

10.   B

11.   A

12.   C

13.   B

14.   A

15.   A


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